Insurance and Retirement plans (Employee Benefits) impact millions of lives. Employers responsible for making decisions rely on expert advice and need more than just a broker.
We believe advisors, augmented by technology, will help employers make better decisions for their people.
To digitize insurance brokerage and democratize the most effective advice.
To create an accessible and intelligent robo-advice assistant for better insurance advice.

CloudAdvisors connects insurance advisors with marketplace data and the best tools in a secure digital platform for an enhanced client experience

  • Digital Client Management

    Client, Prospect and Contact Details, Timeline Tracking, Benefit and Retirement Plan Designs.

  • On-Demand Insights

    Analyze, Rank, and Compare Employee Benefits Across Thousands of Employers In Seconds...

  • Automated Reporting

    Create client reports in seconds from templates, upload all client files and access anywhere in a secure cloud platform.

  • Governance and Compliance

    Track Events with Clients, Meeting Notes, Considerations and Recommendations, Know Your Client Process, Annual Governance and Renewal Checklists.


The Renegades of Change. Insurance Insiders and Leading Technologists.

  • Matt Lister, CEBS
    CEO / Co-Founder

  • Rahul Rao
    CTO / Co-Founder

  • John Gerard D'Souza
    Senior Relationship Manager

  • Jane Liu
    Customer Success Manager

  • Faizal Mitha, CEBS