We are a team composed of cognitively diverse professionals. We are continuously looking to welcome new team members who share our purpose, values and connection to delivering the mission and vision of CloudAdvisors. We believe that by breaking the traditional boundaries and limitations of the workplace, we allow individuals to excel in their roles, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

CloudAdvisors is a meritocracy and promotes a culture where the best ideas will win. So to those few bold souls who think differently, challenge the status quo, and dare to dream about creating a better world through their work, CloudAdvisors is ready.

Are you?

Current Openings

Relationship Manager

The Core Mission of the Relationship Manager will be to develop a solid pipeline of organizations that purchase software and services on a recurring basis. The role focuses on Relationship building throughout the customer journey, from initial engagement and beyond.

Our Culture


We are a people-first organization. While we push towards our ambitious goals, you will do so besides a wonderfully supportive team, who executes well. We believe in innovation, creativity, and leading with action.


We are an organization who invests in the professional development of our people. We are excited to learn more about your personal goals, and see how we can align as a company to match those goals


We work with a product and industry that impacts the health, wellness and retirement plans of millions of employees. You care that your work matters, and each day your actions are creating better outcomes for Canadian families.


As a growing and dynamic company we offer bold challenges and opportunities to expand quickly, leading teams or new areas of innovation. Our teams get up every day supported but hungry to tackle the next project, task or problem.

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